Private lessons

For whom, for what?

  • Top management does not have the availability to attend a training
  • Media training
  • Preparing for an oral examination
  • Preparation of a corporate film
  • English and Japanese managers called to speak in French (Work on pronunciation, phonetics and prosody to acquire a good fluency in their interventions )


  • Four lessons for a half-day or eight two-hour sessions
  • It is recommended to return to repeat an important speaking


  • The program is similar to that achieved during a three-day course . It will be adapted to the particular situation of each
  • A video recording of all exercises of speaking will be given at the end of last lesson


  • Video Camera – SONY DVCAM ( DSR PDX – 10P )
  • Projector SONY VPL- CS6
  • Toshiba (Windows seven)
  • The shots are performed by a video operator also teaching assistant .


  • Private lessons can be held at your home, in your business or premises FG Communication .