Oral Expression


  • What are the Public Speaking problems you would like to resolve and what are your expectations from this program

Seven Keys Points to Public Speaking

  • Speech of the Presenter

« Portrait Operation »

  • Indentify the potential and the shortcomings in everyone, and evaluate the participant’s individual progress

Public Speaking Techniques

  • Reading a text or a quotation “with a loud voice” :
  • Relaxation
  • Abdominal Respiration
  • Voice Placing and Volume
  • Diction
  • Eye Contact, Presence
  • Rythm, Fluency, Pauses
  • Body Language

Introduction in the Art of reading a speech in an entertaining mannerImprovisation Technique

  • How to speak improvisationally about a subject chosen from three subjects
    The purpose of this exercice is to develop the ability to think on your feet in front of an audience

« The eye to the camera »

  • Video-conférence, E-learning, E-working, Preparation of a presentation film of the Enterprise
    This exercice consists of working on the intent and direction of your eye contact without the psychological pressure of being in the presence of another person

Visual Supports

  • How to use correctly PowerPoint Projection, the Paperboard and the Microphone

The conference

  • Prepared speech with visual supports

Summary, commentary and evaluation of the program


  • Each participant will receive documents containing the exercises and also author’s quotes and literary texts they have been reading during the training.
  • Moreover, a personalized card will be written for each participant, in order to detail the work they have to do personally after the training.