Yves Furet

Student of Louis Jouvet (legendary French Actor) and Charles Dullin at the Dramatic Arts Conservatory of Paris, after which he was part of French Comedy and continued his career performing with Renaud-Barault Company. After which he created the Actors Training Studio.

During this time he had the good fortune to meet the Directors of Human Resource of an important industrial group. These Captains of Industry were so impressed by his acting technique program that they engaged him to form a public speaking program for their corporate officiers.

His mission was to teach the three principal rules of Actors Etiquette as taught by Louis Jouvet :

1) Make yourself heard
2) Make yourself understood
3) Know your subject

This is how Yves Furet began his brilliant career as director of his Public Speaking Forum. He set the standart for all the enterprises that he advised and he still remains the principal reference for everyone in this profession.